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Naming Ceremony

Many people ask me "What is a naming ceremony and how is it different to a baptism or christening?". I believe that a baptism or christening is a welcoming into the religious way of life, where a naming is a welcoming into our everyday life. One is not better than the other, nor is one meant to be taken over the other. They are just different and both acknowledge the child. The naming ceremony is an excellent occasion for cultural expression, joy, hope, and acceptance.

A majority of naming ceremonies are held for babies and toddlers in their first year or shortly after but is not limited to young children. Older children even adults who have never had any form of naming or the joining of families through adoptions, step children in a new marriage or other circumstances. Naming ceremonies can be for more than one child or combined with a wedding ceremony. There are no set rules on how, where or when a naming ceremony should be performed.

Ceremonies can be simple or as in-depth as you like and can include smaller ceremonies within, like lighting of candles, releasing of balloons, wishing tree etc. For more examples and explanations, please feel free to contact me.

While Naming Ceremonies are not a Religious ceremony, Bible readings and Prayers can be included if you wish.

There are no rules or regulations when it comes to Naming Ceremonies, it all comes down to what you wish to say and how you feel about your child or children.

20th Anniversary

Vow Renewals

Love, Memories, Time, Life, Dreams; these are things we have, do, share together.

It doesn't matter how long a couple have been married for, many choose to renew the love and commitment they feel for each other by renewing their Wedding Vows. Milestones like a significant anniversary, or a couple who just wish to re-affirm their love and to share with family and friends the journey they have shared together, choose to have a Vow Renewal (Affirmation) ceremony to mark the occasion.

These vows may be the same as your original ones or you may wish to express how you have felt over the time and for the time to come, however please note there are legal requirements for a Renewal ceremony.

Coming up with the type of ceremony you wish to have can be difficult but with my help and the help of many samples, together we can build your feelings into a ceremony.



Pledge to each other to forever care, love and live for one another and those around you.

A Commitment ceremony is similar to a Wedding Ceremony as it involves either a same sex couple who are committed to each other and wish to express these feelings formally, or a couple not yet ready for marriage but wishing to show their commitment. It differs from a Wedding Ceremony as a Commitment Ceremony is not legally recognised and the Celebrant does not say the legally required wording.

There can be many inclusions in a Commitment Ceremony and with these I can help you decide how and what your ceremony will contain.

Cost and Ceremony Inclusions

My prices are flexible as all ceremonies are not the same and require different levels of participation and planning. All costs will be negotiated during the interview and a written quote provided, thus avoiding any surprises.

The average cost of a Naming, Vow Renewal or Commitment ceremony is $300.00.


Extras (if required):

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